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In the USA the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by 8 families, most live in Europe, they pay NO TAX on the Trillions of Interest they generate from the National Debt of the USA, which enslaves the US People. The IRS is a Collection Arm of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS is NOT an Agency of the US Government. The Federal Reserve is not Federal nor does it have any Reserves, its main asset is the Bonds received from the US Government which give the US Government the power to spend the money created from the monetization of the credit of each American used as collateral and then brought into circulation. During the Depression of the 1930’s the same Wall Street Bankers received bailouts just as has happened recently. When will the people of America wake up?

IRS – 7401 Requires that an action for the IRS to sue, needs approval from the Attorney General of the united States. Since 1921 (see the Independent Treasury Act of 1921) there has been no Attorney General in the united States, he is in fact the Attorney General of the United Kingdom, currently Dominic Grieve. Secondly any action where the IRS brings suit that suit is in Admiralty and the US Courts do not have Jurisdiction. Therefore if the alleged defendant Denies Jurisdiction immediately at the start of the suit, and secondly requests to see the DOJ authority to bring suit, the Judge has no other option than to dismiss With Prejudice. There have been two wins against the IRS using this defense. The IRS is a Corporation registered in Puerto Rico; neither the Federal Reserve Bank System nor the IRS are agencies of the United States Government, they are Private Corporations and act under the international law of Marque and Reprisal, being the law of the Privateer and Pirate trade.