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Case on Point

BAILIFF: —- People vs. “SMITH”. (in upper case letters)
The charges are two counts of operating a houses of ill-repute: 3 Counts of armed robbery; 2 Counts of murder in the 1st degree; 5 Counts of indecent exposure while dancing in the rain while naked and 30 Counts of bigamy.

JUDGE: (He or She sees only your PERSONS name “SMITH” in his file, and that’s how the case will be addressed, through the PERSON, as long YOU are within the BAR.) DO NOT CROSS THE BAR . . . SPEAK TO THE JUDGE FROM WITHOUT THE BAR . . . ONLY THERE, CAN THE JUDGE SPEAK WITH YOU FLESH TO FLESH!  —- State your name. —-

First let me state on the record: I accept your Title and I accept your Bond and;

Your Honor, I will be glad to state my name if you can first show me the certified charges; and that said the charges must evidence my given or birth name affixed for me to likewise accept. —-

JUDGE: —- Accept? —- What are you talking about? —–

THE ACCUSED Smith: —– The court is apparently looking for an ACCEPTOR, as the PRINCIPAL who has the primary obligation to pay or discharge any negotiable debt instrument presented for acceptance, is that not true? (See ACCEPTANCE under 3-410 of the Uniform Commercial Code.)
JUDGE: — Mr. you are accused of some very serious crimes. —- Now how do you plead? IF YOU’R OUTSIDE OF THE BAR YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TO PLEAD . . . BUT IF WITHIN THE BAR . . .

THE ACCUSED Smith: “I plead guilty to the facts, not the crimes. But first I must determine for the record; do you have the ACCEPTANCE BOND prepared to indemnify the prosecutors statutory commercial offer?

JUDGE: What do you want a bond for?

THE ACCUSED Smith: Whoever filed this complaint is apparently making a CLAIM on my PERSON (this is in reference to the person evidenced in the all upper case NAME of my Trust Account) and comes within the Jurisdiction of an Admiralty /mercantile proceeding.) As I understand the nature of this proceeding, a CLAIM cannot be made unless you first BOND or INDEMNIFY the CLAIM and thereby bring the CLAIM into mercantile consideration, hence the admiralty jurisdiction which I believe you reference as “Civil”.(See FRCP Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; Rule 1 Scope and Purpose )

JUDGE: Well what about that prosecutor?

PROSECUTOR: I’m not sure about that…no, no bond.

THE ACCUSED Smith: What about a BID BOND? Do you have the bid bond?

JUDGE: (pretending not to know) What’s that?

THE ACCUSED Smith: — [Because] A BID BOND is a Bond that was suppose to be completed prior to the arraignment, anticipating should the defendant/principal (or accused) not close, settle, pay or discharge the claim, he thereby, defaults or dishonors the courts charges offered for acceptance. The BID BOND, PERFORMANCE BOND and PAYMENT BOND is then sold to the U.S. District Court where these bonds are bought and traded by Insurance Companies (usually Dunn and Bradstreet) and then sold on the open Bond market. These BONDS are assigned a CUISP number, which Im sure the court clerk has already assigned to this case and are generally acquired by the Japanese and Chinese. By such transactions, the Bond becomes the primary [collateral] source of the private copyright and thereby, a for profit economy and source of funding for the private retirement accounts of all statute merchant Judges / commissioners of these private for profit statutory / mercantile prize courts.

JUDGE: Oh, —– THAT BID BOND. (acting as if he had inadvertently forgot about that)

PROSECUTOR: Judge this is ridiculous. This man is charged with multiple counts of crimes and the state is asking for the max.

JUDGE: What about sir?

THE ACCUSED Smith: —- Your honor, is it not true, this proceeding must either be a TORT action or a COMMERCIAL CRIME?

If it’s a TORT, then there must be an INJURED PARTY an no injured party has presented him or herself at this time, or if this is a COMMERCIAL CRIME, then the prosecution must produce the CONTRACT that I knowingly and with full disclosure of the facts, entered into. Such process must in fact, comply with the Clearfield Doctrine for compulsory production of the contract should a contract in fact exist.

PROSECUTOR: Your honor, this is an outrage!!! This guy is accused of murder.

—-You have no CLAIM against him. (Due to the absence of a BOND)
—- It isn’t his responsibility to BOND OR INDEMNIFY YOUR CLAIMS.   —- Sir You’re free to go…

And consider the issue these prosecutors when bringing “charges,” charges which haven’t as yet been certified, indemnified / Bonded, may well be or in fact are “Simulating Legal Process” Which is a class C Felony.

ORS 162.355[1971 c.743 s.210; 1997 c.395 s.1] (Simulating legal process) (1) A person commits the crime of simulating legal process if the person knowingly issues or delivers to another person any document that in form and substance falsely simulates civil or criminal process. (2) As used in this section: (a) “Civil or criminal process” means a document or order, including, but not limited to, a summons, lien, complaint, warrant, injunction, writ, notice, pleading or subpoena, that is issued by a court or that is filed or recorded for the purpose of: (A) Exercising jurisdiction; (B) Representing a claim against a person or property; (C) Directing a person to appear before a court or tribunal; or (D) Directing a person to perform or refrain from performing a specified act. (b) “Person” has the meaning given that term in ORS 161.015, except that in relation to a defendant, “person” means a human being, a public or private corporation, an unincorporated association or a partnership. (3) Simulating legal process is a Class C felony.

The presence of the body cures the error in the name; the truth of the name cures an error in the description.

 When in a courtroom one might choose to assert as a belligerent claiment: “For the record judge, the truth is, I am a living man known to many as John Quincy of the Jones family, and I have come here today consenting ONLY to my special appearance and clear up any outstanding administrative matters that seem to require an understandig, as well as to declare my special exception and Standing without the BARas a private manWEREBY YOU AND I MAY COMMUNICATE IN A SUBSTANTIVE MannerFLESH TO FLESH as I am a Man/Woman of substance as it appears you are also.

Whereas, so there is no confusion, I assert my standing as a Beligerent claimant in my personal capacity, I AM the Man in the flesh, John Quincy of the family Jones. The name you speak to from within your BAR and across your bench, goes to “IDEM SONANS” and thereby identifies my PERSON-AL ACCOUNT. This account arises out of a quid pro quo consideration and bears the vessel number, 000-00-0000 indicted on your paperwork as associated with the “JOHN QUINCY JONES”. AT THIS POINT, PRESENT THE ENVELOPE TO THE BAILIFF ACROSS THE BAR, AND WITHIN THAT ENVELOPE WILL BE A CERTIFIED COPY OF THE BOND (Birth Certificate) THAT ARISES FROM THE VALUABLE CONSIDERATION OF YOUR BIRTH REGISTRATION. (Note: The name the judge called is on the Certificated Security and has now been presented to the court and on the record.

And that generally, is how the game is played . . .

(Blog Master Note: Check your state for statutes dealing with Simulating Legal Process)