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(For Austin)


Sir / Mam,

For the record: I accept for value these proceedings including your draft on me as well as the jury’s verdict and draft in their entirety and I am Exempt from Levy. I have done my duty under public policy in this account and case, and I am hereby re-drafting the prosecutor for adjustment of the same. This is my scriptural and public duty. Every Action that I have taken in this matter has been to consistently honor, without dishonor, the various matters/claims put forth for me by the court for acceptance and discharge. I hereby request any outstanding claims in this matter against me, the living, breathing, Man, be brought forth immediately. If no claims are forthcoming, I request the Order/Release of the Court be released to me immediately without any undue delay. I have consistently and forthrightly acted in the open with good faith and clean hands. From the beginning of this case/account I have Accepted for Value all presentments made to me on behalf of YOUR STRAWMAN NAME HERE, (in all caps). This is a PRIVATE MATTER, and for the Record Judge, I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT FOR YOUR SENTENCING ME FOR JAIL, PRISON, FINE, PROBATION OR ANYTHING ELSE. I DO NOT CONSENT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT PUNISHMENT OF ANY KIND. I hereby Accept for Value this hearing and Return your draft/Order to you for Adjustment of this/these account(s). I put forth this statement into the record and Request the Order of the Court be released to me immediately.




Travis county Texas

void where prohibited by law