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(For Frank ‘Austin’ England III) 

There are ten basic foundations of commercial law.


It is from these timeless principles whereby all law and commerce in the world is acquired:

1. A workman is always worthy of his hire. This is perhaps the most universal law of mankind. Every society on the earth who has denied this maxim of law has suffered wrath and destruction by the masses. Inutilis labor, et sine fructu, non est effectus legis– Useless labor and without fruit, is not the effect of law.

 2. All men are considered equal under the law.While this may not be practiced throughout the world, the underlying truth of this standard has caused great empires to fall and destroyed many kings and monarchs.

3. In all interchange, truth is sovereign and the supreme rule.Interchange of every kind, from goods to intellect, between men is commerce. In all commerce, the allodial and supreme rule is truth. Contr veritatem lex numquam aliquid permittit— The law never suffers anything contrary to truth. Nihil possumus contra veritatem– We can do nothing against truth.

4.Truth can only be expressed in the form of a legal affidavit. From Medieval Latin origin, ‘affidavit’ means ‘he has pledged his faith’; akin to the word ‘affiant’ from the Middle French, affier: to pledge faith, swear. Forma legalis forma essentialis– Legal form is essential form.

5. A legal affidavit is undisputed truth unless a counter-claim or rebuttal has been made. Since an affidavit is sworn and pledged by faith, it is presumed to be absolute truth unless another sworn claim counters it in rebuttal.

 6. An undisputed affidavit of claim becomes final judgment.When one fails to answer or refute an affidavit of claim made against him, the affidavit first presented is considered absolute in truth. By not rebutting what has been claimed against him, one becomes guilty by his silence. Idem non esse et non apparet– It is the same thing not to exist and not to appear. Qui tacet consentire videtur– He who is silent appears to consent.

7. All matters must be expressed in order to be resolved. No claim can be made against another unless an affidavit has been presented stating the reasons of law supporting the claim along with the events of the interchange.

 8. The party who leaves the dispute first also loses by default. If one walks away from a claim or dispute in commerce, either by silence in default or failure to properly rebut, he becomes an instant loser. Omnis consensus t ollit errorem— Every consent removes error.

9. One must be damaged in some way to make a claim or charge against another. Damages in commerce are always equitable and a loss of equity must be shown in order to make a claim. In commerce, all things have a commercial value including intellectual property. Actio non datur non damnificato— An action is not given to him who has received no damages.

10. A lien or claim can be satisfied only by award of a counter-affidavit, resolution by a jury, or payment in satisfaction. A commercial claim must be resolved by a rebuttal, a jury, or relief to the claim by payment for damages. Arbitrium est judicium— An award is a judgment.

The Players
Scire debes cum quo contrahis–You ought to know with whom you deal. What we are specifically dealing with here is how the laws of commerce are used against the common man, and just who is behind it. Much has been written and documented concerning the continuing bankruptcy of the United States federal government. Reference to this has even been codified into federal law as a basis for what you are now going to learn.

While the World Power Brokers may not be known by name, this makes no significant difference for the purpose of this material being presented here. The fact remains that the corporate U.S. in Washington DC is bankrupt, has declared this in the federal codes, and the unknown World Power Brokers are the creditors. Much of this will become clearer as you study this material.

The supreme affiant, or the one ultimately behind an affidavit of claim, is known in law as the Real Party of Interest (RPOI). A RPOI is entitled under applicable substantive law to enforce the right sued upon or possesses legal right to enforce a claim. The RPOI is an actual person. For simplicity, understand that the Real Party of Interest is one of the select few World Power Brokers. In every commercial claim, they are the unrevealed claimant. The RPOI’s behind the U.S. Bankruptcy, world government, and the new emerging Third Way (successor to the New World Order) are unknown to the common man. What is important to retain at this juncture is the method used by the WPB to collect their purported claims against you.

A Real Party in Interest (RPII) is a front for the RPOI. In layman’s terms, this is called a “straw man”. Specifically, this “straw man” is a collector for the Lienor (Lienholder) and collects claims on behalf of the Lienor-Creditor. Certain representatives and agents, including administrators & trustees, are also considered RPII’s. A RPII can be the “State of Georgia” or any “United States” agency. Their duty is to collect debts for the RPOI from the commercial chattel property that has a lien placed against it by claim. Debita sequuntur personam debitoris— Debts follow the person of the debtor.

Part II, Concepts of Modern Law, will further explain how the RPOI and RPII operate and how the commercial law enforces their claims.

 Part II: Concepts of Modern Law Origins of the UCC

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the supreme law of the world. In other Nation-States, their codes and laws mirror the principles of the UCC. The United Nations bases their codes and rules on the UCC. There is no major world power that has not codified the standards of the UCC into their national laws. While we have previously written much about the Truth of Christian common Law, these are not the “laws” of the world system. It’s time for all Christians to realize that the new “common law” of the earth is Commercial Law, also known as the Law-Merchant. While God’s Law cannot be erased, it has been subdued and slowly replaced by a legal common commercial code. This has come about as a result of complacency and ignorance on the part of Good and Lawful Christians. Currit tempus contra desides et sui juris contemptores— Time runs against the slothful and those who neglect their Rights. We have allowed it to happen and have even blindly supported it. You must deal with the source of the earth’s law in order to find the solution. Thomas Jefferson said “Those who expect to be both ignorant and free are expecting something which never has, and never will, exist.”

As interstate commerce and individual movement dramatically increased in the U.S. after 1865, the World Power Brokers felt a need for greater uniformity of their “law”. An approach known by the common name “Uniform State Laws” was founded to seek adoption of identical or similar laws to be utilized by all the Federalized States. The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCUSL)was formed in 1892 upon the recommendation of the American Bar Association (ABA) for the purpose of promoting “uniformity in state laws on all subjects where uniformity is deemed desirable and practicable.” Made up of ABA Lawyers chosen by the Federal States, the Conference still oversees the preparation of proposed laws, “Uniform Laws”, which the States are “encouraged” to adopt. For over a century, this process has been carried out through selective ABA Committees that prepare drafts for review and ultimate approval by the full Conference and has continued to function. To date, the Commissioners have approved more than two hundred uniform laws. Most have been widely adopted by the Federalized States and have, as a consequence, initiated uniform Federal Law throughout the States.

The greatest successes of the “Uniform Law” approach have been in the field of commercial and business law. Beginning with the Commissioners first product, the separate Uniform Negotiable Instruments Law and Uniform Sales Act, the Conference, working together with the American Law Institute, later produced the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC was brought to its present form by the NCUSL and the American Law Institute in 1978. It has been “improved” and re-revised numerous times since then with major revisions in 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1994 in order to universally apply to all the Federal States. With the exception of Louisiana State, the UCC has been pretty much adopted in its entirety by all the remaining 49 States. You can download a copy of the Federal UCC Here

In Florida State, the codified UCC can be found in “TITLE XXXIX, COMMERCIAL RELATIONS”, Chapter 670

In New Jersey State, the codified UCC is found under “STATUTES” in Title 12A Commercial Transactions.

In California State, you can find the UCC under “COMMERCIAL LAW” in STATUTES Here.

Find all State UCC’s Here.

As a side note, it’s not just the Commercial Law that has been made universal. Downloads are also available for the Uniform Probate Code, Uniform Code of Evidence, and uniform laws in the areas of matrimonial, family and health and business and finance. If you are unclear about what Uniform Laws exist, see the Legal Information Institute Uniform Laws page. These Uniform Laws reach far into the private interactions of mankind, right down to marriage and family. All are based in one way or another on Commercial Law. As a Christian, if you don’t believe these earthly laws have authority over you, then stop right here and research every link provided to you above. Your life on this earth is presently controlled by these universal “laws”. In order to free yourself from this, you must understand them first. Optimus interpretandi modus est sic legis interpretare ut leges legibus accordant- The best mode of interpreting laws is to make them of one accord (uniform).

Law is Based on Definition and Grammar

The actual rules of their “law” are found in the uncommon words and peculiar grammar they have adopted. The way they legally define words is the foundation of their strategy to keep the average man ignorant of their “law”. Words used in purely legal matters have different meanings than the same words used in normal and ordinary usage. Thus, it is imperative you understand their language “legalese”.

A verbis legis non est recedendum– From the words of the law there must be no departure.

Sensus verborum est anima legis– The meaning of words is the spirit of the law.

Ad proximum antecedens fiat relatio, nisi impediatur sententia– The antecedent bears relation to what follows next, unless it destroys the meaning of the sentence.

Copulatio verborum indicat acceptionem in eodem sensu– Coupling words together shows that they ought to be understood in the same sense.

Mala grammatica non vitiat chartam; sed in expositione instrumentorum mala grammatica quoad fieri possit evitanda est–Bad grammar does not vitiate a deed; but in the construction of instruments, bad grammar, as far as it can be done, is to be avoided.

Generalia verba sunt generaliter intelligenda– General words are understood in a general sense.

Maledicta est expositio quae corrumpit textum–It is a bad construction which corrupts the text. Non est certandum de regulis juris–There is no disputing about rules of law.

Man’s Commercial Law is not only precise, it’s “to the letter”. The most common “trick” is their attachments of un-common meanings and definitions to words used in their legal documents. We cannot stress enough the need for you to search out the definition of every single word in at least two or more law and English Language dictionaries. We recommend that you purchase or borrow one or more of the generally accepted law dictionaries, such as Bouvier’s, Ballentine’s or Black’s. Most County law libraries have at least one of these in their reference sections. It’s better to have access to the oldest as well as the most recent editions.

The Operation of Modern Law

All Laws operate in separate and distinct domains and must be approached and dealt with inside of their own unique vacuum. Commercial Law has no place in Ecclesiastical (Church) Law, or Canon Law, and vice versa. For example, you cannot apply Biblical Law or ancient Hebrew Law to man’s modern commercial law of legalities. In this day and age, they exist in separate domains and venues. They cannot be mixed. There was a time when the “law of the land” was based upon God’s Law, but that is not true today.

What was once the common law based on Biblical and Spiritual Laws is now the Common Law-Merchant, based on legalities that appear as “law”, but are operated within and under the “color of law”. Normally, if it looks like Law, operates as Law, and appears to be Law, then it must be Law. In Commercial Law, the Rules of Law and the Process of Law appear to the untrained mind as being normal law, but they are not. Commercial Law operates within the appearance of Law, but it is nothing more than the legal form of law, not Law itself. Don’t forget that the entire world operates within the commercial process and rules outlined within the UCC.

To use the materials presented further on in this report, one not need any special intelligence or a master’s degree. The spirit of fear has told Christians that they cannot understand nor operate within the realm of Commercial Law without failure, but this is a lie. Up to this time in history and especially during the past 100 years in America, the true church has done little or nothing to stop the steady elimination of the Freedom and Liberty given to us by the Lord God. This has come about by our ignorance of man’s commercial law, laziness to test all things to see if they are of the Spirit of God, and blind trust in those to whom we have given worldly authority over us. The real tragedy is what we have not done. The church has not rebutted what claim has been made against us. However, the program you are now learning can Lawfully and legally change your commercial status as a servant of the merchant to that of a sovereign within their system. A Christian can have control of his life within and over the commercial law, as you will soon begin to understand.

After endless weeks of research, we have come to the conclusion that this program is essential for securing your Freedom from legal commercial slavery. At first, it was difficult for us to accept the fact that an answer was available within the legal domain of commercial law, but we feel the Spirit of God has shown us clearly and precisely that a door was left open waiting to be discovered by us as we were diligent to seek the answer. As Christians, the worst thing we could do right now, considering the state of affairs of the world, is sit back and do nothing. Multiudo errantium non parit errori patrocinium— The multitude of those who err is no excuse for error.

Your next step is to completely understand the material presented to you so far. You must become clear as to the foundation of commercial law. If you don’t fully comprehend any word or sentence up to this point, go back and educate yourself word by word with the aid of law dictionaries. Check out what you have learned with the UCC so you can see how it applies and what it really means. Never let the spirit of fear stop you. Do not rush to the last part of this report and look for a “silver bullet” because it doesn’t exist. In order to use this process successfully, it’s mandatory that you understand how and why the process works. This is a foreign law and language to you, so you must learn to walk before you run.

Part III, Artificial Entities and the Persona, will further explain how the commercial law has made a claim against you.

Part III: Artificial Entities and the Persona

Real vs. Imaginary

From the beginning, man was created in two domains. When these two realms are combined, a man is complete. First, man is composed and born in a physical form. This part of man can be called the “biological man” or the physical realm of life. Simply said, this is your flesh, blood, muscle and bones. Secondly, man is born of the Spirit of God with a soul. It is the Spirit and soul that brings life to the physical. This is also the realm of man where he develops his mind, ideas, ego, personality, and concepts. Where the first part is physical, the second is not, including aspect thought. Neither part can exist without the other, but the aspect thoughts of man could never exist without the physical domain existing first. One cannot have thoughts without a physical brain. Think of it as the relationship between the stars (aspect thought) and the sun (physical). The mind and thoughts of man can only exist with the physical body in the same way the stars revolve around the sun.

As the physical grows and develops, so does abstract thought. You could say that abstract thoughts are based on physical reality, but completed by imagination. An example of this is the difference between a real or imaginary “friend”. Children fully understand the physical being and know that a real person is flesh and blood, as they are. Their physical friends can be touched, seen and heard. But some children have “imaginary” friends who are nothing more than aspects of thought without physical bodies. They can’t be touched or seen physically, but in the thought process, they “exist”. This could also be described as the difference between tangible and intangible; material and immaterial; reality and concept.

Artificial Entities

In the process of thought, man also has the ability to convert many abstracts into a single concept. For example, even though all Christian Men and Women are individual parts of the Body of Christ, we are all collectively called the “church”. There are more than ten players on a football squad, but collectively they become one singular “team”. In this manner of thought, when separate beings form together as one, they collectively become a singular.

Just what is a corporation? It is a group of beings who have formed together under Statute Law to become as if they were only one being. Physically, this is impossible; but conceptually within the mind, this is the same as a child’s imaginary “friend”. The same applies to a limited partnership (LP or Ltd) or a limited liability corporation (LLC). In reality, a corporation, trust, limited partnership, and government are mere imaginary “beings”. The legal term for this is “artificial entity”, a fictitious being.

The Persona and Mask

What becomes a danger is when man begins to accept that which is not physically real as if it is real. When a single artificial being is treated as a reality, the legal result is a “fictitious entity”. The modern and commercial laws call this fictitious being a “person”. In the common man’s understanding, a “person” is real and can be touched, such as the “person” at the grocery store who works as a cashier. However, in modern “law”, a “person” can be real or artificial. This is an example of why we keep stressing the fact that you must look up each and every word in a law dictionary in order to understand the definitions as they apply to commercial law and all modern law. Legally, a person can be a real physical being or a corporation.

person. An entity with legal rights and existence including the ability to sue and be sued, to sign contracts, to receive gifts, to appear in court either by themselves or by lawyer and, generally, other powers incidental to the full expression of the entity in law. Individuals are “persons” in law unless they are minors or under some kind of other incapacity such as a court finding of mental incapacity. Many laws give certain powers to “persons” which, in almost all instances, includes business organizations that have been formally registered such as partnerships, corporations or associations. Duhaime’s Law Dictionary.

legal person. A body of persons or an entity (as a corporation) considered as having many of the rights and responsibilities of a natural person and especially the capacity to sue and be sued. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law 1996.

artificial person. A “legal person.” Ibid, Webster’s.

Another legal name for a “fictitious entity” is persona. The word persona is a Latin word signifying “a mask used by actors on the stage”. While the real being exists physically, the persona is an artificial face or mask and is not a reality. It covers the real being with an artificial being the same as a mask covers your face.

Since this artificial persona is not you – the Christian Man or Woman born of the Spirit of the Lord God – we must be able to prove which is our real being and which is our persona. The simplest way to tell the difference legally is via the use of all capital letters which signifies the persona. How do you spell your Christian birth or baptism name; as “JOHN JOSEPH SMITH” or “John Joseph Smith”? How were you born; as an artificial person or as a Christian being? While some may say that capitalization of a name makes no difference, in all languages in this world it is not grammatically correct. According to the Rules of English Grammar, it signifies nothing. Your physical and real being is named “John Joseph Smith”; Your legal and artificial persona is named “JOHN JOSEPH SMITH”. It does make a difference… legally. How is your name spelled on your Driver’s License or Credit Card? In all capitals or grammatically?

Your nom de guerre
Man inherently knows he has no right of dominion over other men, but he has invented ways to seek such gain by creating the persona which, when applied to Commercial Law and Martial Law, becomes a nom de guerre. This is literally a “war name” to separate the Christian from the fictional persona -see The California Style Manual, published by The California Supreme Court (1986), Section 196, page 13, “Style of Main Title” (to an action).

How a ‘name’ is spelled brings to distinction the ultimate conflict of the ‘real’ Man, the Christian Man, and the fictitious imitation of the Christian Man that is a persona. Names are deliberately spelled on all Birth Certificates, Court Dockets, State Licenses, etc., with all capital letters. The modern Law uses the nom de guerre in all instances of spelling a “legal” name.

Being bound under Treaty of International Law and the lex mercatoria (commercial law), today’s purported Courts – and all government agencies – are prohibited from dealing with ‘real people’ and are required to deal only with fictional personae (artificial persons) by styling all parties with a nom de guerre. A corporation is also a fictional persona, and this includes State incorporated Churches. Any party who agrees to appear before the “system” must do so by a persona or nom de guerre spelled in all capital letters or with a middle initial.

A Christian spells his name according to the Rules of English Grammar using both capital and lower case letters, such as “John Elias Smith” as opposed to the noms de guerre “JOHN SMITH” or “JOHN E. SMITH”. A corporation, or any other artificial legal entity, is spelled in the same manner, such as “STATE OF NEW JERSEY”, “U.S.”, “UNITED STATES”, or “ACME, INC.”

Straw Man = Real Party in Interest = persona
It is via the persona and nom de guerre that the UCC has attached itself to you. In Part I, we discussed the “straw man” or Real Person in Interest (RPII) to all contracts. The “straw man” was the means by which the creditor (RPOI) collected his claims. The agencies of essentially all of the world’s governments, coordinating with the Real Parties of Interest (RPOI) who own the law, all money and all commerce, created your “straw man” shortly after your physical birth. Thus, the creation of a legal commercial “Birth Certificate” to take the place of your Lawful “Record of Birth”.

This is the means by which the commercial law (UCC) operates. Their legal system bases everything on the simple presumption that you have contractually agreed that your “straw man” – the Real Party in Interest or persona – is their exclusive chattel property. The legal “reasoning” behind all this is quite simple. Commercial and governmental law can claim only against fictitious entities or artificial persons, a persona, and the commercial documents that have creating them such as corporations, trusts, Certificates of Title, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, etc. Such artificial “persons” include your all capitalized lettered name, your “straw man”, which is also called your “corporate sole” or the incorporation of yourself. Your persona is symbolic evidence of your self-incorporation.

Since they created and presumed ownership of your “straw man”, they can tax, regulate, and destroy their property as they see fit. Your physical biological “person” has been legally united with your fictitious “person”, who is also your “straw man”. Your “straw man” (RPII) includes your physical being, now legally united as one with the persona, as well as your words, concepts, thoughts, and ideas with which you interact with other people. Legally, there is no difference between the two unless a rebuttal or objection by the real being has been made against their presumption of contract over the “straw man”.

When you view the definition of a “straw man”, it’s very clear why the system has placed your persona, or artificial mask, as the Real Party in Interest (RPII):

Straw man. An intermediary for a transaction (as a conveyance of real property). –Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law 1996. 

Part IV, How Legalism Took Over the Law, will expose further the use of legalism in place of Law.

In common law, the previous “law of the land”, it was very clear that a Christian was sovereign. This meant that he possessed all Rights to control his own property. Most State Constitutions still have a clause basically stating that unless the statutes or prevailing law prohibit otherwise or supersede the English common law, it is still in force and effect. Obviously, all common law in the U.S. has been squashed by Commercial Law which is why there are no more common law Rights, including property Rights. Commercial Law is “legalism”, while common Law is “Lawful”. Legalism has the form and characteristics of law, but is not law in itself. It is nothing more than the “color of law”.

Forget about common Law for right now. It doesn’t apply to our goals and purpose in this instance. The purpose of this project report is to reveal the legalities of Commercial Law, not the real Law itself. Force your mind to think like a lawyer by setting aside what makes common sense or what Rights you have. Rights and God have nothing to do with the legalities of Commercial Law.  What has happened as a result of the legalities of Commercial Law is easy to understand:

1. The real physical being has been united with his persona, or “straw man”, by presumed contract.

2. The “straw man” has become the Real Party in Interest (RPII) to all property of the real being.

3. The absolute sovereign over the “straw man” is the Real Party of Interest (RPOI).

4. The Real Party of Interest (RPOI) applies legal rules and process of commerce to all his claims.

5. If the real physical being does not object by commercial rules and procedure, it is presumed he agrees to the presumed contract relationship.

The World Power Brokers (WPB) defined in Part I are the absolute sovereigns over you in their status as the RPOI. They may tax you as they please, force you to obtain licenses (permission) for a fee to do ordinary tasks, impose fines upon you, regulate your movement and speech, demand that you perform labor for them, imprison you, or whatever they wish. An easy way to look at the Commercial Law RPOI is that of a king with unlimited rule and power, thus, he is your sovereign authority. Remember, in Commercial Law, there is no distinction between you and your persona as both are united into one and the same. In this legal status, you have no capacity or means to enforce any Rights. The legal term for this is that you have “no standing in law”. Why? Because a servant cannot sue his master, nor can a slave sue his king. Who owns your Rights? The “State” does since all commercial government is owned by the World Power Brokers. You are nothing more than collateral for payment of the WPB liens against the State by reason of bankruptcy.

Legally, you are considered a slave or indentured servant to the various Federal, State and local WPB governments via your Birth Certificate. The reason you are issued a Certificate is that the actual Title of birth is held by them. This is compounded further when you voluntarily obtain a Driver’s License or a Social Security Identification number. Even your personal and private life is owned by them through your State issued Marriage Certificate. Once again, your Title to marriage is held by them. You have no Rights in birth, marriage, or even death. They hold the Right to all Titles.

The key is to find a way to regain legal ownership of your “straw man”, and this sums up the purpose of this entire project report. When the physical being secures legal ownership of his persona, the real man is reunited with his Rights including his ownership Titles. As long as the “State” retains ownership of your persona, they own all your inherent Rights. In Commercial Law, when you legally own the persona, you own the Titles to all your Rights. It’s not that you have ever lost your Rights; it’s the fact that through your persona, the system has secured your Rights and Title to Rights as collateral. Once you legally break the bond between the real being and the artificial persona, you become the ultimate sovereign of your “legal status”. No artificial entity can make a claim against you or your property once you have broken this legal tie. When you become owner of your “straw man”, you will legally become the owner of all claims made against him.

If this confuses you, then you must look at this according to legalism and nothing else. Right now, they own your “straw man”. The only way for you to regain ownership of your persona is through use of their legalities. This must be done according to their “laws” and in no other way. You can quote all the common law or Bible passages you want at them, but unless you speak their legal language, they are not required to recognize you. In fact, they have the power to punish you if you attack them with the wrong words from the wrong jurisdictional domain. However, there is Good News! Once you legally obtain ownership of your persona and its nom de guerre, you become the absolute sovereign over the artificial name and artificial entity that has bound you, the real man, to their Commercial Law. At that point, and only then, will you have the legal power to stop all of their claims against you. You will legally place a wall between you (your being and persona) and the system. This stops them and all their claims from the beginning, ab initio.

How did we get into this mess? Legally, it is their contractual ownership, by simple presumption, of your persona that is the foundation of your servitude to the system. Once you legally rebut and remove this presumption of contract ownership between the real you and your “straw man”, all claims against you are abolished as if they never existed. This will change your legal status to that of a sovereign and free man. The reason they have presumed their contract ownership exists is due to the fact that you have stood silent and not legally challenged their claim.

Breaking their presumed contract goes much further than you might ever imagine. Once broken, you regain your birthright and “legal capacity” as that of a sovereign. This term, in a purely legal sense, denotes the absolute ability, power, qualification, or competency of persons, either real or artificial, for the performance of claims or acts as defined and fixed by law. Such absolute power as the capacity to devise, to bequeath, to grant, or to convey land and property of all kind is bestowed upon he who holds “legal capacity”. He may take and hold property as a sovereign. This was the former Law of the Land.

Now you can see why the system has had control over all your property. In the same context, once you have obtained legal capacity, you can begin to understand how you will regain control and authority of what is yours by Right and by modern law.

Our current problem is that we have voluntarily contracted with, and agreed to, their system of Commercial Law by simply remaining silent (legal default) and not making claim to our own Rights. The Legal Rules of Commercial Law enforce themselves. There is no court hearing to determine if the Rules are correct. Their “law” is self-regulating and self-supporting. Once set into motion, their “laws” automatically come into effect provided their legal Process has been followed. By adhering to their legal Process and Rules, you can break their contract according to their own Rules.

You are now ready to absorb Part V, Commercial Contracts & the UCC.

Part V: Commercial Contracts and the UCC

Much of what you will read in this longest part of our project report will join together and reiterate the principles you have learned so far. Putting all the pieces together is essential for a complete understanding. Once again, we caution each reader to fully understand the definitions, maxims of law, and legal principles already presented before continuing. If in doubt, go back and read it all again right from the beginning.

Current Commercial Status

Every government, be it Federal, State or County, is an artificial entity. Because of this, governments can only legally interact with their own like and kind – other artificial persons. This is why governments address your persona and not the real you. The all CAPITALIZED name addressed on an envelope, or a court docket, to the real you proves this fact. Governments (the system) cannot interact with anything outside their legal domain, such as a Christian by name who stands in God’s domain. Artificial persons like governments, their agencies, their law enforcement branches, or their courts; have no reality, are not physical or biological, have no substance, and cannot go outside their domain into a realm that is actual, physical or real. Governments are corporations, created by Commercial Law and not by God.

When the persona violates a rule or a statute (such as a traffic infraction), the real you is expected to appear at an arraignment and admit to the straw man’s name. That is why, at the beginning of an arraignment or any court proceeding, your name is called and you are required to answer. The name they are calling is your persona, but like sheep gone to slaughter, we answer to this request even though we are not whom they are calling. If you were to answer in your Christian appellation, spelling it out in upper and lower case letters, then you have broken the contract tie they attempted to establish between the real being and the artificial person. They can only deal with the artificial, not the Christian.

Governments cannot legally, as set forth by their own “laws”, involve themselves with anything but other artificial entities, personae, and the Commercial Law contracts entered into between them. This is why it is a necessity by their legal Rules and Process to use capital letters in all names, including their own. They must address the entity, not the real Christian Man or Woman. Governments can only act against the artificial persons that they have created. It’s that simple. The real you, a Christian Man or Woman, can have a claim made against him by a government based on the presumption that you have voluntarily, knowingly and intentionally contracted to be identified with and by your persona. The persona is not really you, but rather an artificial person owned by the government to which you have united with.

The World Power Brokers (WPB) who own, fully know the workings of, and utilize their “laws” to pilfer, conquer, subjugate and lay claim to all those on the earth invoke a very simple and basic principle of law to accomplish this: An undisputed affidavit of claim stands as truth in commerce (See “Background” in Part I). It makes no difference if their claim is unlawful, immoral, or illegal. Unless you, not someone else, speak out against their claim with an affidavit of rebuttal, their affidavit of claim against you is considered undeniable truth in all law and commerce. No ABA Bar attorney can speak for you. You must speak for yourself. By not rebutting and remaining silent, you have legally defaulted and they can claim all they want against you. Any Christian who does not speak up for his inherent Rights has none.


The worst thing a Christian can do is to remain silent. The next worst thing he can do is agree to the implied and presumed contract. This is done through the real man’s acceptance of benefits and privileges granted by the sovereign. The legal terminology for this is “ratification by an act of consent”. When the real man accepts a Driver’s License in the name of his persona (all capital letters), he has ratified the presumed contract between the real person (a physical being) and the Real Party of Interest (who uses the “State” as his Real Party in Interest to collect his claims via your “straw man”). The same applies to acceptance of unemployment insurance, social security benefits, welfare, food stamps, ad naseam. When you contract for benefits, privileges, licenses, permits, etc., you are bound by commercial contract to the obligations that are attached to them.

Qui sentit commodum, sentire debet et onus. He who enjoys the benefit, ought also to bear the burden. He who enjoys the advantage of a right takes the accompanying disadvantage — a privilege is subject to its condition or conditions. Source- Bouvier’s Maxims of Law 1856.

Commercial Contract Key Elements

All commerce, law, and interaction between men is contract (See Introduction). From this implied and presumed contract with your persona, every action by government or their agents is founded. In accordance with the UCC Restatement at §110, the parties may now enter into a binding agreement without signing a formal written document. What you must now learn is the legalities of this presumed contract and how to rebut it.

The Birth Certificate  First, you must know exactly what is considered to be the key element, within the presumed contract.

A Real Party in Interest (RPII) is a front for the RPOI. In layman’s terms, this is called a “straw man”. Specifically, this “straw man” is a collector for the Lienor (Lienholder) and collects claims on behalf of the Lienor-Creditor. Certain representatives and agents, including administrators & trustees, are also considered RPII’s. A RPII can be the “State of Georgia” or any “United States” agency. Their duty is to collect debts for the RPOI from the commercial chattel property that has a lien placed against it by claim. Debita sequuntur personam debitoris— Debts follow the person of the debtor.