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(For Frank ‘Austin’ England III) 


Notice and Caveat:
I, _______________________ am who I say I am and specifically object to, and thereby take exception to any and all presumptive process that alleges otherwise. Any process, CIVIL OR CRIMINAL that alleges my natural person to identify with any form or alteration of my given name _____________________ for the express purpose to acquire or gain personal jurisdiction by artifice and/or constructive fraud, is summarily challenged forthwith and thereby notes the burden of proof lies with the party or parties seeking to compel subrogation or traverse to any and all jurisdictions by __________________________ and by their nature, such civil or criminal process under copyright law are limited to the procedural due process of actual controversies of fictitious parties. Absent full and complete disclosure of the explicit purpose to acquire personal jurisdiction of the Master/authorized representative i.e __________________ in lieu of the named or fictitious/represented party in fact, fraud will be presumed and dealt with accordingly.

See Memorandum in Support of:

THE DISCERNMENT OF NAMES/Names and PERSONS, natural and otherwise.

Nam:  Nothing should be rashly changed {Nil temere novandum; Jenk. Cent. Cas. 163}; Names of things ought to be understood according to common usage, not according to the opinions of individuals {Non ex opinionibus singulorum, sed ex communi usi, nomina exaudiri debent}; Records are vestiges of antiquity and truth {Recorda sunt vestigia vetustatis et veritatis}; Cf. ORS40.135(r) (Rule 311) (A person is the same person if the name is identical.); State v. Garrett, 281 Or 281, 574 P2d 639 But is not necessarily, representative of the natural person (1978) (Literal identity of names is necessary to trigger presumption of identity of persons so as to present prima facie case, and mere similarity of names, without additional corroborating evidence, will not support finding of identity of persons.);  Monroe Cattle Co. v. Becker , 147 U.S. 47, 58, 37 L. ed. 72, 13 Sup. Ct. Rep. 217 (1893) (Defendant was impleaded by the name of A. W. Becker. Initials are no legal part of a name, the authorities holding the full Christian name to be essential. Wilson v. Shannon, 6 Ark. 196; Norris v. Graves, 4 Strob. 32; Seely v. Boon, 1 N. J. Law, 138; Chappell v. Proctor, Harp. 49; Kinnersley v. Knott, 7 C. B. 980; Turner v. Fitt, 3 C. B. 701; Oakley v. Pegler, (Neb .) 46 N. W. Rep. 920; Knox v. Starks, 4 Minn. 20, (Gil. 7;) Kenyon v. Semon, (Minn.) 45 N. W. Rep. 10; Beggs v. Wellman, 82 Ala. 391, 2 South. Rep. 877; Nash v. Collier, 5 Dowl. & L. 341; Fewlass v. Abbott, 28 Mich. 270.);


Designatio unius est exclusio alterius, et expressum facit cessare tacitum. The appointment or designation of one is the exclusion of another; and that expressed makes that which is implied to cease. Coke, Litt. 210. Cf. Affirmatio unius exclusio est alterius;Alteration; Designation; Enumeratio unius est exclusio alterius; Expressio unius personæ est exclusio alterius; Expressum facit cessare tacitum; Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus;Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius; Misnomer; Patent ambiguity; Spoliation; Variance; Burgin v. Forbes, 293 Ky. 456, 169 S.W.2d, 321, 325 (The certain designation of one person is an absolute exclusion of all others.);

Expressio unius personæ est exclusio alterius.   The mention of one person is the exclusion of another.

Ex multitudine signorum, colligitur identitas vera. From a great number of signs or marks, true identity is gathered or made up.
Identitas vera colligitur ex multitudine signorum. True identity is collected from a multitude of signs.

Præsentia corporis tollit errorem nominis, et veritas nominis tollit errorem demonstrationis. The presence of the body cures the error in the name; the truth of the name cures an error in the description. Bacon’s Max. Reg. 25.


State of     )
                   ) ss.
County of  )

I, _________________, by statutory definition, being a Natural Person and duly sworn, do hereby verify that the factual statements set forth above are true and accurate, based upon my knowledge, information and belief and legal citation. 

By: ___________________________________________________________


BE IT REMEMBERED, That on May 16, 2005, before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for the state of Oregon, personally appeared the within named: , known to me to be the identical individual described in and who executed the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed the same freely and voluntarily.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal the day and year last above written.


Notary Public for (State):
My commission expires: __________________________



I hereby certify that the original of this instrument was properly mailed to: Internal Revenue Service, Et alii: d.b.a. Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service at FRESNO, CA 93888-0025 via U.S. Certified Mail No. ________________ postage prepaid and witnessed with one copy to the following:

District Director, Et alii:              U.S. Certified Mail No. ____________

d.b.a. Dept. of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
FRESNO, CA 93888-0025

Notice to the Agent is notice to the Principal Notice to the Principal is Notice to the Agent