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(For Frank ‘Austin’ England III) 

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Kingdom of the Power of Powers,        )
on the soil in                                        ) SS: Declaration of
Curry County, Oregon                          ) Mission Statement
The united States of America               ) by Foreign Neutral
                                                             )under Absolute Law’s
                                                             )of The Living Father

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: Under authority of Declaration, for the trust Written and Recorded at Chapter 9, verses 15 through 21, and at chapter 8, verses 7 through 3, book of the Hebrews,
The undersigned Affiant, Declarant, and Trustee of said Toral Trust accepts and succeeds the appointment And Offices of “Trustee”, Droit Droit Dominium Jura I re, as “Foreign neutral” , thereof the Kingdom of the Powers of Powers, sending state, for The United States of America and territories or insular possessions, receiving state, as a Neutral in intinere ab initio July 1, 1962, recognized by the receiving state Under authority To wit:

The Ancient Scriptures

The 1814 Treaty of Ghent

The Convention of the Hague, 5 October 1961

Vienna Convention, 18 April 1961, U.N.T.S. Nos. 7310-7312 vol. 500, pp. 95-239

The Ordinance of the Territory North and West of the River Ohio, 1 Stat. 51, 52, July 13, 1787

International Organization Immunities Act, 9 December 1945

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties U.N. Doc. A/Conf. 39/27 (1969), 63 A.J.I.L. 875 (19690 at
Article 2, §§ I(a),(b) and (g), and Article II for “limited accession” per TIAS 100072 33
U.S.T. 883, 527 U.N.T.S. 189

The Convention on Rights and Duties of States, 49 Stat. 3097, T.S. 881, 165 L.N.T.S. 19, 3 Bevans 145,
Done at Montevido Uruguay, 26 December 1934 @ Art. 2-3 id est, “sovereign ecclesiastical State”

Convention on the Conflict of Laws Relating to the Form of Testamentary Dispositions, concluded
5 October 1961, #11, et. Seq., Conflict of Law (1993)

Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and Optional Protocols, Vienna 24 April 1963, U.N.T.S. Nos.
8638-8640 vol. 569, pp. 262-512

Vienna Convention of the Law of Treaties signed at Vienna 23 May 1969, U.N.T.S., Entry into Force
27 January 1980

1 – Mission Statement by Apostille


A name, standing and status formally designated by Articles of the Peace issued from the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, August 29, 1980: a Native American, and neutral traveler previously certified by and intending to return to the Virginia Commonwealth; Cf. 1 Stat. 88, Act of April 20, 1818, Ch 88, §§ 2 (Service of any foreign prince or state);§ 3(Fitting out); § 6 (Military expeditions against friendly power); Act of July 27, 1868, 15 Stat. Ch. 249 Pg. 223 (Rights of American citizens in foreign states)aka Expatriation Act ; Act of March 3, 1887; 24 Stat. 505 (Tucker Act) ; Act of March 9, 1920, c. 95, 41 Stat. 525-528 (Suits in Admiralty Act) ;Act of March 3, 1925, ch. 428, § 1, 43 Stat. 1112 (Public Vessels Act);Pub. L. No. 105-119, 111 Stat. 2440 (1997) (Equal Access to Justice Act) ; 64 Fed. Dig. 1-403 § 17 (Property And Commerce Of Neutrals In General) as amended; accord 5 U.S.C. § 573 et seq.(Neutrals); ORS 9.242 [1989 c.1052 §2] (Advice on law of foreign jurisdiction; rules); ORS 24.175 [1979 c.577 §7](Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act); ORS 56.105 [1987 c.843 s.13](Waiver or delay of action by Secretary of State; rules); N.B. GENERAL ORDERS NO. 100 (04/24/1863)(Lieber Code); CONVENTION RESPECTING THE RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF NEUTRAL POWERS AND PERSONS IN CASE OF WAR ON LAND (1907) as amended; UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (1948) as amended; US ARMY, FIELD MANUAL, FM 27-10, THE LAW OF LAND WARFARE § 512 (Definition); § 513 (Neutrality Under the Charter of the United Nations);§ 514 (Notification of State of War to Neutrals); § 515 (Inviolability of Territory)(18 Jul 1956) as amended; VIENNA CONVENTION ON THE LAW OF TREATIES (1969) as amended; EXECUTIVE ORDER 13084 (CONSULTATION AND COORDINATION WITH INDIAN TRIBAL GOVERNMENTS); EXECUTIVE ORDER 13107 (IMPLEMENTATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS TREATIES); EXECUTIVE ORDER 13224 (BLOCKING PROPERTY AND PROHIBITING TRANSACTIONS WITH PERSONS WHO COMMIT, THREATEN TO COMMIT, OR SUPPORT TERRORISM); MEMORANDUM RE: LEGAL STANDARDS ON TORTURE (12/31/2004); Rotella v. Wood et al., 528 U.S. 549 (02/23/2000) (a “private attorneys general,” dedicated to eliminating racketeering activity); and that class of authority, infra:


Primary Duties are: Keep the commandment Law of the Living Father and, secondarily, perpetuate the Testor’s Will and Living Trust, in violate.

Secondary Duties include: Establish and maintain the “mission” and “mission post” for and on behalf of the “mission head” in representative capacity and provide for the maintenance and good Order of the families, staff, and other public servants there unto belonging: with absolute respect for and the utmost integrity of Testor’s Living Will and Trust, in abstentia.

“Domicile” is established by virtue of chapter nineteen (19) verse five (5), the Book of Exodus, and legal estate thereof with absolute allegiance and fidelity, excluding all others.

Any and all family and friends domiciled with the Foreign neutral are neutrals “opposed to war in any form” and non-resident aliens to the “receiving state” aforesaid. Affiant –Trustee acknowledges that as Trustee and Individually, He/She is neither a citizen, as defined by statute nor subject of the receiving state by imprescription and the term “imprescriptibility” is operative herein duly recognized in the case of Rabang v. Immigration and Naturalization Service (CA9 1994), 35 F. 3d 1449 @4, of United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 18 S. Ct. 456, 483, 421, Ed. 890 (1898), of Udny v. Udny, L.R. 1 H.L. Sc. 457.

2 – Mission Statement by Apostille

Trustee-Affiant is not a “legal entity” by statutory definition, created by, for, nor on behalf of any other party, person(s) group, association nor corporation for political or commercial purpose and is not surety thereof, nor assumes culpability on behalf thereof by knowing subrogation as “civiliter mortus” to the receiving state aforesaid.

Inclusio unius est exclsio alterius


“Succession is ‘special’ for which presumption must yield to truth”

The undersigned Trustee – Affiant, succeeding to the appointment and Office aforesaid, specially, authorizes the foregoing in Official capacity according to the express exceptions, stipulations, and reservations above set out verbatim and those referenced in the authorities set out above, as attests My Hand and Seal in Faithful Witness thereof, the same being entirely true, correct, certain, and complete, according to the laws of the Kingdom and Commonwealth – aforesaid, so help Me almighty Power of the Powers.

The Official Seal of the Foreign neutral, annexed below, is the only seal affixed upon Official Documents, charge d’ affaires, and other correspondences appertaining the Trustee’s Lawful peaceful mission, held exclusively in the custody, possession and control of Trustee – Declarent, unless otherwise expressely assigned or transferred, as set forth and heretofore, and not for any other unauthorized “use” nor “purpose”.

3 – Mission Statement by Apostille

Official Authorized Seal:

John Quincy Doe

Sui juris / Nunguam Indebitatur

Convention de La Haye du 5 Octobre 1961

On the_____, day of ______________________, 2005

Foreign neutral

[L.S.] _________________________________

John Quincy Doe
99999 Crystal Creek Road
Liberty, Oregon 90000
Trustee, but not Individually

BY: John Quincy Doe

In the Book of Corinthians, Chapter 13, verse 1:

“In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

________________________________ ______ ______________ _________

Witness’s signature: Day: Month: Year:

___________________________ _____ ____________ ________

Witness’s signature: Day: Month: Year:

________________________________ ______ ______________ _________

Witness’s signature: Day: Month: Year:



4 – Mission Statement by Apostille


[L.S.] ____________________________________

John Quincy Doe
Trustee, but not Individually
99999 Crystal Creek Road
Liberty, Oregon 90000

BY: John Quincy Doe

SUBSCRIBED and AFFIRMED before Me, a Notary Public residing in Curry County, The State of Oregon, the herein named Signator, John Quincy Doe appeared, known to Me and identified himself and affixed His signature hereto, the _____day of _______________ 2005.


Notary Public Signature: Seal